Investment Property Loans

Financing Multiple Investment Properties

Investment Property Loans | Myrtle Beach | Columbia SC

Loan options are available for purchasing multiple properties for investment or turn around purposes. ACMG provides multiple property loans that can be fixed up and rented out for a steady stream of income or flipped for quick profits.

Financing on multiple 5-10 properties consisting of 1-2 Unit Properties, Condos and PUDs is available from ACMG. We consider credit scores down to 720 and provide loan amounts of up to $417,000. Up to 95% is considered on a Primary Residence, up to 75% on Second Homes with seller able to pay 9% closing cost, and up to 75% on Investment Properties with seller able to pay 2% closing cost.

  • Loan Amounts to $417,000.00
  • Credit Scores Down to 720
  • 1-2 Unit Properties
  • Condos
  • PUD’s
  • Primary Residence up to 95%
  • Second Homes up to 75% – (Seller can pay 9% closing cost)
  • Investment up to 75% – (Seller can pay 2% closing cost)

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