I’ve Declared Bankruptcy in the Past…Can I Still Get a Mortgage?

As mortgage brokers in Myrtle Beach, we get asked many questions, and one common question in 2014 is “I’ve declared bankruptcy in the past. Can I still get a mortgage?” The answer is a resounding YES! Borrowers can get mortgages with the right loan programs even after experiencing credit crushers like bankruptcy or foreclosure. At Atlantic Coast Mortgage Group, we have loan programs available for those just ONE DAY out of bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale! Not all banks are able to make these loans happen, but experienced mortgage brokers know how to find the right loan program for you. The fallout from 2005’s economic collapse has left many good people with bad credit situations. The key to getting you in your next home purchase is to start doing something about it now. You don’t have to wait. The sooner we start looking at your options, the sooner you will get beyond these “speed bumps.” For more information on how you can obtain a mortgage even after going through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale, just start by giving us a call at (843) 444-LOAN (5626). We have mortgage loan programs specifically designed to work with your situation. You can also visit our secure website at www.444loan.net and fill out a loan application. Just take the first step. Don’t let your past affect your future any longer.