I’m Self-Employed..How Can I Get a Mortgage?

Are you a small business owner? Self employed? Have the banks turned you down for a mortgage because you do not have enough income on your W2? Fear not, and call Wayne Page at Atlantic Coast Mortgage Group in North Myrtle Beach! ACMG helps self-employed individuals obtain new mortgage loans all the time with our new Bank Statements Program. This program is designed specifically for those with not a lot of provable income. Rather than use your W2’s, we can use 24 months of business bank statements to obtain your mortgage loan. When the economy went South several years ago, it spurned many people to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs enjoy many advantages when it comes to employment, but sometimes obtaining a mortgage loan can be tough. Rather than pay yourself, you put money back into your business. We can help you with specific loan programs designed just for your situation. If you are self-employed and are looking for a mortgage loan, then Atlantic Coast Mortgage Group has solutions for you! Let’s get started and see how much home you can pre-qualify for today. You can call our office at (843) 444-LOAN (5626), or go to our secure website, www.444loan.net, and start by filling out a loan application today. With over 17 years in the mortgage industry, Wayne Page of Atlantic Coast Mortgage Group can help you realize the dreams of home ownership.